ISWLA10 conference

     new !!! Impressions from ISWLA10 conference. Some messages were received in Romanian and were translated in English.

new !!! Photos from the conference.


   Dear colleagues and friends!
We welcome you all to Bran to attend the International Student Workshop on Laser Applications 2010 (ISWLA10).

   The conference is devoted to the 50th anniversary of the laser invention.

   The purpose of ISWLA'10 is to extend the knowledge level of the attendees regarding the most recent results in laser physics, the new projects supported by EU, the development of pan- European ELI project - Extreme Light Infrastructure - delivering a pulse of 200 PW.

   The involvement of young scientists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers, biologist and medical doctors is a very attractive challenge, since the very up dated infrastructure is to open the way to a new branch of optics: ultra - relativistic optics.

   The conference topic has a very large application spectrum: medical field, biology, material science, X-Ray Radiography, etc.

We invite undergraduate and graduate students, PhD students, young scientists up to 35 years old from different scientific areas, interested in lasers and application to promote inter disciplinary - collaborations.

Professional development program:

The Craft of Scientific Presentations – Prof. Michael Alley (Penn State University)

The Craft of Scientific Writing – Prof. Michael Alley (Penn State University)

Students’ opportunities in optics and photonics.